Tuesday, November 16

Stomach Upset

Don't know why today I suddenly had this stomach upset. I took breakfast but did not manage to get a bite for lunch. We had our staff meeting at 1130am. When I left to send RJ for swimming lesson at 145pm, the meeting was still in progress. I was so hungry that I order maggie laksa at the sport complex canteen. My tummy does't feel well then..already three times to the toilet. I hope I'll get better tomorrow coz' I don't want my mission with RJ to swim at the 7 feet deep swimming pool postponed again.

Wednesday, November 10

A visit to the land of Kangaroos

10 days from now on the 20/11/2010, me and my son RJ will be leaving for Sydney, Australia. My sister will tag along too.This will be his first visit to Australia and third for me. This time I'll be spending more time in the country side where my sister Shirley , her husband Jason and their two kids Riordan and Eamon lives. Bathurst is about 175km from Sydney. Been there in 2004 to attend Shirley's wedding. In this visit what RJ and I really looking forward is to swim at Sydney Aquatic Centre pool (Olympic 2000) more than shopping for souvenir or sight seeing.

So ,We must make sure our googles and swimming attire will not be left behind. Will be missing Avey for 2 weeks.

Tuesday, September 14

Tips to cure body rashes on kids.

The other day my son was having rashes on his chest which spread slowly to the other parts of the body and very itchy especially at night. I went to the doctor twice and spent almost RM200 but only slight improvement.
One friend suggested to me to use small amount of tobacco (sigup) mixed with water and spead it on to the affected area. (Precaution!: Don't use too much). I did that and in within 2 days the rashes gone! By the way the sigup only cost me RM2.00 .

Thanks to Our Traditional Medication

Thursday, September 2

Trip to Shenzhen-Zhangjiajie-Hong Kong

Avatar Mountain Zhangjiajie

Hunnan Province China

Hong Kong Disneyland

Last June we went to China (again!) for our holiday. This time it was a combination of Shopping + Leisure. We fly to Shenzhen from Kota Kinabalu and spent 2 days there. We did not waste much time. Check in into our hotel and...what else... shoppinglah!

Next day our journey to Zhangjiajie starts. From Shenzhen we went by coach to Guangzhou which took about 3.5 hours. Then by Bullet train to Changsa. We were informed that by coach/bus journey from Guangzhou to Changsa took about 10 hours. Wow! travelling on a bullet train with 325km/h speed it took only 2 hours 20 minutes to get to Changsa. Stay one night at Changsa and the next day we continue our 5 hours journey to Zhangjiajie.

Zhangjiajie has so many things to offer. There were so many beautiful scenic places that we did not manage to cover during our three days there. But one of the most amazing scenic spot that really impressed me was the formation of 'floating' mountains which was formerly known as Heaven and Earth Pillar but officialy changed to Avatar Hallelujah Mountain in honor of James Cameron’s movie hit Avatar. Luckily I was fit enough to 'scale' the place coz touring Zhangjiajie needs lots of hiking. If you're unfit then you just have to pay someone to carry you up and down the 100s steps (Like what I did in Kunming).

We entertained ourselves with Zhangjiajie Cultural performance that night. If you ever go to any places in China paying RMb 250 (RM125) for a 1.5 - 2 hours performance is worth it!! I've been once in Hangzhou before and it also was very entertaining.
We did not leave Zhangjiajie without souvenirs of course. With the long journey travelling on train and coach I might visit Zhangjiajie only once considering my long lists of places yet to be visited. Went back to Shenzhen on the 5th day of our tour.

The next day we left for Hong Kong and our destination was only to Hong Kong Disneyland. Mickey Mouse is very famous here and my daughter Avey really loves this Mouse's family. Everything here is extremely expensive. My daughter's tee cost about RM75.

We left Disneyland at about 830pm and reach Shenzhen around midnight. Packing was done before we (Me , Suhainah & Nancy) went to bed around 130am, the day we fly back to Kota Kinabalu Sabah.
It was a Great Trip!!

Thursday, August 5

4 languages

My daughter Avey is 3 years old. I'm happy that now she can count 1 to 10 in 4 languages : English , Malay , Kadazan and Mandarin. I hope she won't face any problems to add in one more language in future, that is Lundayeh. Maybe Daddy can help her with that...

Monday, August 2

Exam Phobia

Ryan is just in Standard 4, but everytime when it comes to exam (they have 4 exams in a year + 4 pre-exams) he always has this exam phobia symptoms = wanna go to toilet (for big business) before he enter class plus can't really have a good night sleep. He 'experiences' these eversince he was in Standard 1. That's why I never want to put more pressure on him regarding his studies.
But the good thing is exam time or no exam time.......HIS APPETITE IS ALWAYS THERE. He never miss his supper EVERYNIGHT.

Wednesday, May 26


Today is the day we start packing our Books + Files + Papers + Our personal stuff. We've been waiting for the boxes promised since last week. With two more days before the first term school holiday begin, it was a bit tiring trying to put all things in order plus interrupted by a meeting in between. My table was still in a mess when I left school this afternoon..not heading home but heading to the pool.

Ya..its wednesday!! We have always been looking forward for wednesday because this is the particular day of the week that we had our swimming lesson. Unfortunately today I was very disappointed with my swimming performance...My freestyle & breathing was terrible. I can't even do my kicking properly. My coach comment was I might be tired, that's why everything gone wrong. May be ...

Tomorrow my group will be going to the pool again to practice. I hope to see some progress in me.

Friday, March 19


Went to Manila on the 14March 2010 - 17March 2010. We were in a group of 15, mostly teachers. Arrived at Clark on the 14March, stay for one night at Marlim Mansions Hotel . Night went to Casino then had supper ...went to bed at 1.30am

Next day proceed to Manila, visit few places - Intramuros , Chinese Cemetery , Manila Metropolitan Cathedral , Shopping at Tutuban & China Town.

The Chinese Cemetery was very well organized. Built like a terrace house /semi-D / detached. We were told that some of these 'houses' even have rooms & bathroom for the family members to stay during weekends/every visitations. Some rich families hired caretakers to look after The deceased 'house'. They will stay,sleep and cook next to their master.(Scary ooooo....)

Had our dinner at Manila Bay then went to see a live band performance there...Went back to Hotel at 1.00am.

The following day we (Me,BV,Syl) went shopping - GreenHill , Robinson (11am - 10pm). The other members of the tour group went to Tagatay.

17th March 2010 we left Manila at 9.00am for Clark, journey was about 2 hours. We did our last shopping at SM Clark before our flight to KK (Flight at 1600)

Shopping in Manila is worth it ..cheap! cheap! cheap! and you can Shop Till U Drop...bought some souvenirs , Tshirt and a few things for me and the family. Eating Local food is a must!! I fall in love with the Boneless Fish, in Tagalog - Bangus

Thursday, March 11

The REAL Swimming MUMS

Yesterday was my first swimming lesson with my friends. Taught by the same coach that teaches our children to swim. It was quite tiring...being 'tortured' for one hour non-stop. Luckily all of us were fit enough to be in the pool. Thank to our sons/daughters for their full support in this 'mission' of ours.

Friday, February 26


To reduce Stress and For Health purposes...We get ourselves involved in Swimming (..though none of us knows how to swim...) every Saturday at Likas Swimming Pool...while our kids are having their swimming lesson.

The Mums are really enjoying themselves...

Thursday, December 17

Bye-bye KK..Hello Long Pasia

Tomorrow will be heading for Long Pasia for a short break ( may be 5-6 days ). We will be having a family gathering on the 19/12 which I was told will be attended by some of my hubby's relatives from Lawas too.
My children are looking forward for this short visit...their only chance to go for 'mandi sungai'
We will be spending our Christmas this year in KK.

I would like to wish all my Christians friends A Very Merry Christmas 2009

Sunday, December 6

Holiday Missions

School holiday started about 3 weeks ago. I volunteered myself to replace a friend who turn down being an invigilator for the SPM exam.Last year I did this too.. (Think on the bright side!.. Extra income $$$...4D =Duduk + Diam + Dapat + Duit).

At the same time I have to complete a few tasks given..(As I mention in our School's FB) FAIL MEJA..only 65% complete ( at this very minute!). I have to do the PMR 2010 registration..must be completed before end of the month.. crossing my fingers that I won't make any mistakes..

This coming 18/12 will be heading for Long Pasia with family.Spend my Christmas there again this year (4th year)..I'm thinking of spending my Christmas in Bathurst Australia next year..for a change. Just to see how other people on the other side of the globe spend their christmas..

Hey Mate!!

Saturday, November 21


Today I went to watch 2012 with my niece Edna. To me this movie was a bit scary, I mean if we take into account that it does happen one day. I've never watched a 2 hours and 40 minutes movie but this one...I was not bored even a single minute. You Got to watch this.

Wednesday, November 11


Oryza sativa
Bowling Sempena Hari Guru SMKP
(L-R : Cikgu Agnes , Cikgu Aliza , Cikgu Wan Julaina)

Today we had a bowling tournament among SMKP teachers...My group is known as The Oryza sativa (The Biology Teachers= Myself , Cikgu Aliza , Cikgu Wan Julaina). I don't think we did well this time.We keep on rolling the bowling ball at the wrong angle. My friend Aliza jokes that there must be some 'supernatural things' on our lane that makes us keep on repeating the same mistakes.We only manage to get one X each.I left early right after we completed ours so I have no idea if we managed to grab the top three spot.
(The last time we played we were the top three ) Anyway...I enjoy the game very much.

The Oryza sativa

Tuesday, November 3

When Batman Migrates

Batman gets bored in Gotham City ( All his enemies moved to a safer city ). So he migrated to Malaysia. He was spotted at Kg Ramayah Penampang without his boots.
Everybody thought Batman wanted to retire early but...

On the 31/10/2009 he was spotted and caught on camera with a younger Batman in action. The 'Apprentice Batman ' was recruited by the older Batman in Bathurst Australia, on his way to Malaysia